Ljungström® Air Preheater (APH) for Industrial Steam Generation

We offer certified parts and components, upgrades and enhancements, or drop-in replacements that guarantee the optimal performance of your equipment.

Tailored to Suit Your Business

The Ljungström® Air Preheater is available in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs.

Bring Your Equipment Back to Life

Our first-class refurbishment services will restore the thermal efficiency and leakage control of your equipment to better than new.

Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Offering optimal efficiency, our APHs will save you significantly on your operating costs.

In addition to DN8® and TF4™ elements, LJUNGSTRÖM can provide a variety of profiles from our legacy range. This includes our DNF®, DN7™, FNC, and DX designs.


We have been pioneers and experts in air preheaters since their inception in the 1920s. Our experience includes over 4,000 Ljungström® Air Preheaters have been installed in various industrial heat recovery applications.


The Ljungström® Air Preheater is more widely used than any other type of compact heat exchanger for comparable service.


The proven performance, reliability, and process adaptability of our air preheaters mean that LJUNGSTRÖM has set the worldwide standard in regenerative heat exchanger technology.


At LJUNGSTRÖM, we offer a comprehensive selection of replacement parts to repair badly damaged APHs or one subjected to inappropriate out of service storage to get your air preheater operational again as soon as possible. However, we’re all too aware that when production trains are taken out of service, lost revenue can be severe. That’s why in certain circumstances we recommend a complete replacement of an air preheater instead of repair and refurbishment, which can take significantly longer.

Fortunately, our replacement services are speedy and hassle-free so that you can be up and running again in no time at all. LJUNGSTRÖM replacement units are generally a drop-in design, attaching directly to your existing support foundations. Duct connections are also usually a direct fit-up, and expansion joints are renewed simultaneously. Depending on the availability of adequate tools and personnel, we can have your air preheater replaced within 48 hours.

Additionally, our smaller sized air preheaters ship to your site fully assembled and ready to drop into place in a single lift. While our larger units need to be shipped in parts, these can be assembled on site to facilitate a single lift installation. Using this technique, we have successfully installed replacement air preheaters as large as size 22.5 in just a few days.


Flexible Design

With a simple, modular design, the Ljungström® Air Preheaters can be adapted for a range of industrial steam generator applications.


Premium Quality

LJUNGSTRÖM has been synonymous with quality from the very beginning.



The impressive performance of our air preheaters will enhance your plant’s efficiency, resulting in significant savings.

Hassle-free replacement units

  • Unique drop-in design, which attach directly to existing support foundations quickly and easily
  • Our duct connections are also a direct fit-up duct connections, and are often accompanied by simultaneous renewal of expansion joints
  • Replacement takes place within 48 hours


Improved thermal efficiency

Reduced air-to-gas leakage

Extended corrosion life

Highest reliability and availability


Our position as industry leaders is a direct result of our commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as our ongoing dedication to developing advanced technology that meets our customers’ needs

Enhancements & Upgrades

We can refurbish existing equipment, replace components, or upgrade your entire system to restore the thermal efficiency and leakage control of your operation to better than new.

Upgrade to the Ljungstrom® Air Preheater and the Ljungstrom® Gas-gas Heater to boost the performance and efficiency of your operation.

Enhance your processes with our industry preferred auxiliary systems and state-of-the-art technologies.

We offer multiple configurations, to suit your space and setup.

Hassle-free replacement of your full air preheater unit, with a unique drop-in design that attaches directly to existing support foundations.

Certified Ljungstrom® parts and components

Replacement of heating elements

Replacement of rotor components that have become worn over time

Auxiliary system parts (drive, bearings, etc)


Our technical service specialists and engineers, along with our authorized partners, will carry out world-class inspections of every element and component within your operation and provide a detailed report. Inspections can include:

Heating element basket review and recommendations

Rotating component life assessment

Condition assessment of sealing system and drive system

Shaft position and bearing inspection

Cleaning system efficiency evaluation

Assessment of operating parameter and performance

Remote Visual Inspection – Utilizing the latest aerial robotic technologies

Efficient Sealing System

Offering unique benefits during both hot and cold commissioning

Multiple ways to reduce leakage

Load-following leakage control systems

Customized Maintenance Plan

We’ll work closely with you to create a tailored maintenance plan, including recommendations for work to be carried out during planned outages. We will carry out an initial condition assessment and provide a detailed report, with recommendations that are tailored to you and your operation. This includes labour and resource planning, repairs, upgrades, replacement parts and installation services.

Emergency Services

We have a responsive team of expert technical service specialists and engineers who are the best in their fields. They are available to diagnose and repair any problems on-site, every day of the year, to help you optimize the operation and reliability of your equipment.

If you are interested in our technology and services, or would like to get in touch for any reason, we would love to hear from you.