Our complete range of smaller pre-assembled rotary air preheaters open opportunities to upgrade to the latest and best technology in the shortest time.

Easy and fast installation

Shipped fully assembled and ready to drop into place in a single lift 

Larger units shipped in parts but can be assembled for single lift installation once turnaround has commenced 

Successful installation within a few days.

Hassle-free replacement units

Unique drop-in design, which attach directly to existing support foundations quickly and easily

Our duct connections are also a direct fit-up duct connections, and are often accompanied by simultaneous renewal of expansion joints

Replacement takes place within 48 hours.

Flexible design options

Sizes to meet the requirements of all industrial and utility-sized boilers

Duct configurations to meet every installation requirement.


At LJUNGSTRÖM, we offer a comprehensive selection of replacement parts to repair a badly damaged air preheaters or one subjected to inappropriate out of service storage in order to get your air preheater operational again as soon as possible. However, we’re all too aware that when production trains are taken out of service, lost revenue can be severe. That’s why in certain circumstances we recommend a complete replacement of an air preheater instead of repair and refurbishment, which can take significantly longer. 

Fortunately, our replacement services are speedy and hassle-free so that you can be up and running again in no time at all. LJUNGSTRÖM replacement units are generally a drop-in design, attaching directly to your existing support foundations. Duct connections are also generally a direct fit-up and expansion joints are renewed simultaneously. Depending on the availability of adequate tools and personnel, we can have your air preheater replaced within 48 hours.

Additionally, our smaller sized air preheaters ship to your site fully assembled and ready to drop into place in a single lift. While our larger units need to be shipped in parts, these can be assembled onsite to facilitate a single lift installation. Using this technique, we have successfully installed replacement air preheaters as large as 22½ in. just a few days.

Certified Replacements, Repairs
and New Equipment

We provide premium quality, certified parts and components, upgrades and enhancements, and drop-in replacements with today’s technology. With refurbished, upgraded or brand new equipment, your operations will run more smoothly and effectively, ensuring all expectations are constantly exceeded.

Service Tailored to Suit You

At LJUNGSTRÖM, we take the time to assess your business and suggest the option that will lead to the best outcome. For instance, we can provide a comprehensive selection of replacement parts to repair a badly damaged air preheater or one subjected to inappropriate out-of-service storage, or even a complete refurbishment of your existing equipment. However, we understand that often taking production trains out of service can result in excessive lost revenue, and therefore recommend that a complete replacement of an ageing air preheater may be the more cost effective solution.


Ljungström® Air Preheaters are accepted as the worldwide standard in regenerative heat exchanger technology. Our state-of-the-art units improve thermal efficiency, reduce air to gas leakage and minimize corrosion, leading to long-term savings. They are available in a range of versatile modular design platforms and configurations to suit every plant and operation.

We have been pioneers and experts in air preheaters since their inception in the 1920s. Our experience includes over 4,000 Ljungström® Air Preheaters have been installed in various industrial heat recovery applications.