November 1, 2022 : LJUNGSTRÖM receives air preheater order for Vietnam

October 8, 2021


LJUNGSTRÖM receives air preheater order for Vietnam

LJUNGSTRӦM has secured an order to supply tri-sector air preheaters for a high efficiency ultra-supercritical 1200MW coal-fired power plant in Vietnam. The power plant project, located in the North Central Coast of Vietnam, is expected to be commissioned in 2024, and will contribute to economic development in Vietnam through the stable supply of electricity as a base load power source.

The air preheater deliveries will begin in 2023, with significant scope being delivered from China and Japan, and will expand upon LJUNGSTRӦM’s existing installed base of equipment in Vietnam. Technical service support, erection assistance, and commissioning expertise will be provided by LJUNGSTRӦM’s experienced team in Japan.



October 8, 2021 : LJUNGSTRÖM selected as key supplier for New York’s latest offshore wind project

October 8, 2021


LJUNGSTRÖM selected as key supplier for New York’s latest offshore wind project

LJUNGSTRӦM has signed a contract with Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. to provide specialized structural steelwork for New York’s latest offshore wind project, Sunrise Wind. The wind farm joint development partnership between Ørsted and Eversource has the capacity to power nearly 600,000 homes with 100% renewable energy to help New York accomplish a carbon-free energy grid by 2040.

LJUNGSTRӦM will add additional workforce and expand the manufacturing capabilities at its Wellsville, NY facility. It is anticipated that 200,000 person-hours of skilled labor will be employed on the project to provide prefabricated steel components, including supported internal platforms and anode cage assemblies that are a fundamental element of the wind farm’s turbine foundations.

The Smulders Group, a leading manufacturer of offshore foundations, has signed a transfer of technology agreement with LJUNGSTRӦM and Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. to support the project with key knowledge transfer.

“This is a great opportunity for LJUNGSTRӦM to support our regional growth of Offshore Wind power with our highly skilled workforce and expertise in our New York facility. We are excited to support this and future projects with our strong manufacturing capabilities and exceptional quality that is required for the equipment in this offshore environment.” said Matt Ferris, Managing Director, LJUNGSTRӦM USA.

This represents an important milestone for LJUNGSTRӦM as part of its strategy to expand its activities into the fast-growing offshore wind power generation market.



August 30, 2021 : LJUNGSTRÖM – Doing our part to help lower NOx emissions

August 30, 2021


LJUNGSTRÖM – Doing our part to help lower NOx emissions

LJUNGSTRÖM continues to support the implementation of ultra-low emissions in the Chinese iron and steel industry with its gas-gas heaters (GGH) for flue gas Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) De-Nitrification plants. These SCR plants are typically a retrofit to the existing equipment at the iron and steel plants, and a vital part of the “Blue Sky Battle Plan” launched in 2018 to fight air pollution from industrial sources.

The Laiwu Iron and Steel Group Co. (Liagang Group) is a super large iron and steel complex with a production capacity of more than 10 million tons, and it is the largest production base in China for H-beams, gear steel, and powder metallurgy products.

LJUNGSTRÖM has completed the delivery and successful start-up of three (3) GGH units at the steel complex under aggressive and accelerated delivery schedules that required the support structure to be delivered within 60 days of the contract signing, and all remaining parts delivered within 90 days. Upon completion of the installation, commissioning and plant start-up the performance indexes of the GGH units met all the technical requirements of the contract, with the customer and plant owner thankful of the timely completion of the project and quality of the Ljungström® gas-gas heater equipment.

“We are excited that our equipment plays a key role in the reduction of air pollution in China, and continue to support customers with quality products that they can depend on. Our teams in Shanghai, Beijing and Nantong work tirelessly to meet our customer requirements and schedules.” said Haiming Li, Managing Director, LJUNGSTRÖM China.



August 10, 2021 : LJUNGSTRÖM has successfully completed the replacement of large size horizontal type Ljungström gas-gas heater in Eastern Japan in an accelerated schedule

August 10, 2021


LJUNGSTRÖM has successfully completed the replacement of large size horizontal type Ljungström gas-gas heater in Eastern Japan in an accelerated schedule

A sintering plant at a major steel works in Eastern Japan had a horizontal design Ljungström gas-gas heater (GGH) that had been operating for more than 40 years. The GGH had a rotor diameter of more than 10 meters, and during the past 3-4 years had been facing mechanical problems resulting from the long term operation, and equipment that had exceeded its design life. There was an urgent need to replace the aged unit with new equipment, but the customer faced the difficult decision of avoiding a long plant shutdown and outage to replace the unit. Restrictions from the plant operational needs and local governmental pollution regulations, meant that a shutdown window of only 2 months was available to complete the replacement, which was far less than the typical 8 month construction period to dismantle an erect a new gas-gas heater.

After analysing the schedule and space restrictions at the site, LJUNGSTRÖM developed a new construction method to shorten the overall construction period to 60 days. The tight project schedule also accommodated restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, such as delays on sea transportation and customs clearance. LJUNGSTRÖM completed the site pre-assembly of a new rotor unit at a limited space beside the existing GGH ahead of the construction period while complying with laws and meeting the customer needs. During the shutdown outage, the old GGH unit was disassembled within the first week, allowing 7 weeks for the construction of the new gas-gas heater. Lifting the pre-assembled rotor parts and unit with a large crane, LJUNGSTRÖM smoothly completed the construction work within the scheduled time frame.

“This project is a great success, and demonstrates the capabilities and flexibility of LJUNGSTRÖM to support our customers in challenging projects. We accomplished this replacement GGH within the aggressive construction schedule due to the expertise, commitment and focus of our LJUNGSTRÖM employees.” said Tomoharu Miyamoto, Managing Director, LJUNGSTRÖM Japan.



May 27, 2021 : Expanding capabilities to provide turnkey service on competitors equipment

May 27, 2021


Expanding capabilities to provide turnkey service on competitors equipment

LJUNGSTRÖM has successfully completed a major overhaul of 20 year old Rothemuhle-type air preheaters in Western Australia.

The 340MW Collie Power Station located in Western Australia started operation in 1999 with air preheaters supplied by Nitchitsu, Japan. The Rothemuhle air preheaters are a complex twin-flow design and one of the toughest to maintain due to the complexity of the design and rotating hood sealing arrangements. With significant operational problems plaguing the plant between overhaul periods, the customer was looking for a single service provider to solve all their problems.

After analyzing the equipment design and performance, LJUNGSTRÖM developed a turnkey package of technical solutions and upgrades that improved the equipment performance beyond the original OEM specifications. The latest technology in heat transfer elements were supplied in custom designed basket containers, to replace older legacy technology, along with a complete replacement of many of the sealing system components to effectively overhaul the air preheater to as-new condition.

LJUNGSTRÖM executed the project as a turnkey contractor to the customer who closely monitored all aspects of the project work, with close attention made to all Health, Safety and Environmental requirements. Upwards of 18,000 manhours were employed in the implementation of the entire solution, which was a significant achievement for the team in Australia during restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic.

With completion of the project, significant performance benefits have been confirmed by the end user, and all guarantees were achieved, including a dramatic drop in losses due to leakage and fan power leading to considerable savings for the operators. “This is a key project for LJUNGSTRÖM to illustrate our capabilities and success of our solutions that can be applied to both Rothemuhle as well as LJUNGSTRÖM air preheaters. There is great interest in solutions that reduce operators maintenance cost, while stretching periods between replacement parts, and we are focused on helping customer achieve their operational goals” said Thomas Barwald, Managing Director, LJUNGSTRÖM Australia.

LJUNGSTRÖM continue to challenge the outdated practice of maintaining equipment without implementing the latest technology for improved performance and operation, and the successful turnkey execution of this project and the performance results achieved demonstrate the capabilities of LJUNGSTRÖM to offer products and services for non-OEM equipment.