Ljungström® Air Preheaters are accepted as the worldwide standard in regenerative heat exchanger technology. Our state-of-the-art units improve thermal efficiency, reduce air to gas leakage and minimize corrosion, leading to long-term savings. They are available in a range of versatile modular design platforms and configurations to suit every plant and operation. Our revolutionary air preheater technology can be tailored for both utility power generation and industrial steam generation to guarantee first-class performance and efficiency.


Our world-renowned gas-gas heaters are expertly designed to provide efficient flue gas heat recovery, ahead of flue gas desulphurization (FGD) or tail end selective catalytic reactors (SCR). Our unique GGHs are celebrated for their quality, reliability and operating experience of more than 30,000,000 hours. Ljungström® Gas-Gas Heaters are unrivaled for their cleanability, which improves operational flexibility and optimizes the heat transfer process. High-efficiency sealing systems reduce leakage, and our premium quality enamel minimizes equipment corrosion. These are just some of the reasons why all major leading FGD and SCR system suppliers choose Ljungstrom® Gas-Gas Heaters.


Our pioneering Ljungström AdvX® Technology is a fully customizable solution that uses innovative, high-efficiency air preheater technology and X-ratio optimization to recover additional waste heat from flue gas. This clean and valuable heat source can be used in a number of ways to optimize your operations and reduce your emissions. AdvX® Technology can be applied to stack gas reheat, wastewater evaporation, coal drying, preheating boiler feed water, and generation of low-grade steam and auxiliary hot water, to name a few. Our smart AdvX® Technology also results in a clear stack and ultra-low emissions.

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