An additional energy source designed to boost efficiency and long-term savings

LJUNGSTRÖM’s innovative AdvX® Auxiliary Heat System is built to recover and utilize additional heat from flue gas, maximizing efficiency and saving your business significantly in both the short and long-term.

Make The Most of Waste Heat

AdvX Auxiliary Heat System extracts and utilizes excess heat from flue gas. 

Improve Your Boiler Efficiency 

Improved heat rate and reduced coal consumption ensure significant long-term savings.

Reduce Pollutants 

Increase boiler efficiency and reduce emissions


An intelligent system that utilizes excess heat, AdvX Auxiliary Heat System will maximize your operational efficiency and minimize your costs.
Enhanced Air Preheater Operations
AdvX® Auxiliary Heat System will substantially reduce fouling and maintenance costs while increasing the flexibility of your operations.
Adaptive Solutions
AdvX® Auxiliary Heat System is available in a number of configurations, designed to suit your plant and best meet your needs.

A Flexible System Designed to Suit You

Our AdvX Auxiliary Heat System can be provided in a number of configurations, offering optimal flexibility based on the set up of your plant as well as your specific needs. You could, for example, set up a flue gas bypass duct around the air preheater to reduce the air preheater exit gas temperature and provide the high-temperature energy source for the auxiliary use.

How AdvX Auxiliary Heat System Can Enhance Your Operations

  • HOTTER COMBUSTION AIR means improved boiler efficiency, valuable fuel savings and a significant reduction in CO2
  • COOLER FLUE GAS TO ESP will substantially enhance fly ash collection efficiency, reduce particulate and mercury emissions and enable more stringent emission limits overall
  • COOLER FLUE GAS TO WFGD can reduce water consumption by up to 50%
  • SMALLER AUX HEAT RECOVERY EQUIPMENT thanks to the use of a high-temperature heat recovery equipment