Aftermarket Services

Supporting our solutions with a full range of services


We can support the complete requirements of any project, from simply replacing individual ageing parts and components, to complete refurbishment and restoration to upgrade the performance to better than new.


If your heat exchanger is a genuine Ljungström® air preheater or gas-gas heater, we have whatever parts and components you need.

We offer the complete range of certified Ljungström parts and components.

  • Replacement of heat transfer surfaces
  • Replacement of rotor components that have become worn or damaged
  • Auxiliary system parts (drive, bearings, etc.)

Even if your equipment was not supplied by LJUNGSTRӦM, we can help to reverse engineer your equipment and offer components that can be retrofitted.


Where LJUNGSTRÖM stand out from others is our continued focus on developing new technologies that can be retrofitted into the existing fleet of machines. We have developed a wide range of new product and system upgrades that can be implemented into your air preheater or gas-gas heater to boost the performance and efficiency of your equipment.

Efficient Sealing Systems


  • Offering unique benefits during both hot and cold commissioning
  • Multiple ways to reduce leakage
  • Load-following leakage control systems
Advanced Heating Element and Baskets

  • Highest efficiency for lowest pressure drop
  • Range of profiles that provide easier cleaning and maintenance during operation
  • Extended life due to lower soot blowing pressures
Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Robust drive configurations
  • Low maintenance auxiliary systems
  • Substantial, long-lasting and durable equipment

Some of our latest product technologies that can be used to upgrade your equipment include:









In certain cases for extreme aging equipment, or after devastating damage such as that from a fire, complete replacement of the equipment make sense or may be necessary.

For smaller equipment, we can offer hassle-free replacement of your full air preheater unit, with a unique drop-in design that attaches directly to existing support foundations, with direct fit-up duct connections, often accompanied by simultaneous renewal of expansion joints.

For larger equipment, some structural components can typically be saved or used, and replacement rotating components and auxiliary equipment can provide a like-new heat exchanger.


A reliable source offering a wide range of services, LJUNGSTRÖM inspection and outage support means you can get everything you need to maintain your equipment in one place. 


We offer a comprehensive range of technical services designed to evaluate, diagnose and maintain your equipment and ensure it is functioning optimally.

LJUNGSTRÖM and our authorized partners offer world-class inspections to ensure that your air preheater is functioning as efficiently as possible. Our expert field service engineers and technicians take a comprehensive approach, leaving no stone unturned in order to maximize your air preheater’s performance.

Our technical service specialists and engineers, along with our authorized partners, will carry out inspections of every area and component within your operation and provide a detailed report.

Inspections Can Include:

  • Heating element basket review and recommendations
  • Rotating component life assessment
  • Condition assessment of sealing system and drive system
  • Shaft position and bearing inspection
  • Cleaning system efficiency evaluation
  • Assessment of operating parameters and performance


Blueprinting increases efficiency by restoring your unit to original design specifications and will provide direct cost savings to your operation.

A comprehensive condition assessment survey is performed by our technical service engineers, with the results used to assist in the planning process and implementation of a phased program of recommended action items to increase the efficiency of the unit. As an example, there are multiple cases of 40-year-old air preheaters where the sealing systems have been Blueprinted, bringing leakage levels down from over 20% to less than 6%.

Other areas where Blueprinting has shown results include thermal performance due to rotor alignment, gap reduction and repairs.

OASIS – Online Air preheater Support Inspection Services

With OASIS, we can help you understand how your air preheater fleet is performing.

During the in-service equipment walk-down, LJUNGSTROM service engineers assess the operation of the air preheater at its normal temperature and pressure levels. This process is significantly more comprehensive than the daily walk-down generally practiced by owner’s operations personnel. Readings and observations are documented and comments are provided for conditions, which are non-typical.

OASIS will assist in diagnosing critical air preheater issues while the unit is online and provide recommendations to resolve any operational issues that are detected during the assessment. A comprehensive assessment report with as-found conditions and future recommendations will follow the assessment to ensure you are prepared for your next scheduled outage.

Understand Health
And Performance

It’s a simple way of monitoring and observes trends to help you identify abnormal performance patterns from a single report.

Plan For Future

Predict the hours necessary to keep things running prior to a breakdown, balancing preventive and reactive service.

Assessment For
Previous Work

Assess the operation of your air preheater at its normal
temperature and pressure level.

Unit Walk-Down
  • Assess the unit for knocks, abnormal rubs, and noises.
  • This includes the drive assemblies and critical structural components that are visible during the inspection
Soot Blower Operational Assessment
  • Witness the operation of the soot blower assembly so travel and dwell time can be witnessed and recorded
Duct & Expansion Joint Assessment
  • Leak and hot-spot detection
Guide & Support Bearing Assessment
  • Oil level, temperature, vibration, air leaks, oil analysis review
Operational Data Collection
  • Collect operational data and provide the information to our performance group for review


The performance testing of rotary heat exchangers is a complex undertaking and we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to assist with all aspects of rotary heat exchanger performance testing, including the planning, test execution and detailed analysis of test data in accordance with globally approved standards such as PTC 4.3 (US), VDI (DE), and JIS (JP).


Utilizing the latest aerial robotic technologies, LJUNGSTRÖM has revolutionized inspection and
maintenance processes to reduce the downtime and costs of non-destructive inspections for
the energy and utility industries.


LJUNGSTRÖM drone inspections digitally record the condition of equipment and structures at close proximity and from every angle, enabling detailed audit and inspection without a single person having to put on a safety harness. Data is collected and relayed for assessment, in real time, to highly trained service engineers, allowing quick and efficient identification and resolution of problems, with minimal disruption to operations.

We own and operate our specialized drone technology, delivering high-resolution data and imagery of your facility faster, cheaper, and safer than previously possible. Our advanced technology allows us to get close to plant and equipment with zero risk of collision damage to our drone or your equipment.


LJUNGSTRÖM’s drones can be deployed very quickly and capture the necessary imagery in difficult-to-reach locations much faster than any human could.

A typical drone inspection can be completed in only a few hours, depending on the size of the plant.


  • Inspections completed in a very short outage time
  • Eliminate time required for assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, lighting, and specialized access provisions
  • Reduced management of people and equipment

Traditional inspections can take days or weeks to identify, plan, schedule, and execute.

Our specialized drone technology provides a cost effective inspection solution that saves time and money.


  • Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods
  • Reduced planning, setup and execution costs
  • Pre-maintenance inspection ensures optimal resource allocation

Without a doubt, inspections with LJUNGSTRÖM drone technology are far safer than traditional, hands-on inspections.

A wide range of hazards and risks can be avoided, especially when working at height, in hazardous or contaminated areas, or in confined spaces.


  • Reduction or elimination of working at heights
  • Minimizes exposure to hazardous conditions
  • Access to confined spaces
  • Improve your analysis processes with coordinated, high-quality, quick to process images and actionable data.
  • Add value to planned shutdowns and maintenance with written reports and narratives that give you the data to fully plan and budget outages.
  • Human inspections can only go so far as people are often limited when it comes to heights or confined spaces.


Our maintenance services can be tailored to suit your needs and include labour and resource planning, repairs, upgrades, replacement parts and installation services.


To attain maximum equipment reliability, we can work closely with you to create a tailored maintenance plan, including recommendations for work to be carried out during planned outages. We will carry out an initial condition assessment and provide a detailed report, with recommendations that are tailored to you and your operation.


During the construction and installation phase, LJUNGSTRӦM can assist you with expert supervision to guide and evaluate progress of the project. Our supervisors can guide local teams, review planned work practices, and frequently anticipate and address issues before they cause any impact on the project schedule.


We have a responsive team of expert technical service specialists and engineers who are the best in their fields. They are available to diagnose and repair any problems on-site, every day of the year, to help you optimize the operation and reliability of your equipment.


From maintenance to operations to management, a plant team that is well trained can maximize availability and help optimize efficiency for the whole plant.

We can offer a general or customized training program for your plant or office to focus on the areas that matter to you most. Our instructors have years of experience in all phases of a Ljungström heat exchangers life cycle, from the detailed design, to performance testing, to service and repair.

In many cases, customers choose to organize on-site hands on maintenance training during the visit of a technical service representative and benefit from the, but remote virtual training can also be arranged if necessary.


At LJUNGSTRÖM, we offer affordable world-class inspections and outage support services designed to ensure that your Rothemühle air preheater functions as efficiently as possible. We’ll restore or upgrade your air preheater to better than brand new, resulting in increased productivity and significant long-term savings.


If you’ve noticed that aging technology and a lack of support from your original equipment manufacturers is affecting the operation of your plant, we’re here with good news. At LJUNGSTRÖM, we offer affordable world-class inspections and outage support services designed to ensure that your Rothemühle heater functions as efficiently as possible. We’ll restore or upgrade your heater to better than brand new, resulting in increased productivity and significant long-term savings.

Through regularly scheduled, proactive maintenance of your Rothemühle air preheater, you’ll enhance its overall performance, resulting in reduced leakage, longer component life and reduced downtime.

Upgrades Plus Replacement Parts and Enhancements

We provide replacement heat transfer surfaces and other replacement parts for Rothemühle air preheaters, as well as enhancements and upgrades to make your Rothemühle air preheater function better.

Bring Your Rothemühle Air Preheater Back to Life
With LJUNGSTRÖM’s specialized services, you can restore and maintain your Rothemühle air preheater and ensure it functions at its best so that your plant can continue performing optimally. Our hardworking and experienced team will ensure that your air preheater is not only operating effectively now but well into the future.

How We Can Help Your Rothemühle Air Preheater Function At Its Best

Emergency Remediation Services Including:

  • Responsive field service engineers on-site to diagnose problems
  • External visual inspections
  • Thermal and mechanical assessments
  • Identify “quick-fix” solutions in response to component failures and recommendations for additional correction during planned outages

Maintenance and Repair Services Including:

  • Component inspection and outage planning recommendations
  • Condition assessment of sealing system and drive system (including the pin rack and pinion gear)
  • Adjustments to sealing system, collar seals, etc.
  • Levelness of stators
  • Shaft position and bearing inspection
  • Cleaning system efficiency evaluation
  • Heating element basket review and recommendations
  • Assessment of operating parameter and performance