Making ZLD an economical reality

AdvX® Technology offers two breakthrough solutions that make ZLD both feasible and economical. It recovers energy for the evaporation of wastewater, without a negative impact on the boiler heat rate, and achieves a significant reduction in wastewater produced by the FGD system.

Upgrade Plant Performance

AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System can evaporate all of the wastewater discharged from a FGD system, and it can also reduce the amount of chlorides removed in the FGD system.

Boost Your Boiler Efficiency

Less than 50% of the energy recovered by AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System is needed to evaporate the FGD wastewater, and the rest can be used to improve boiler efficiency.

Count The Savings

AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System is substantially lower in cost compared to a brine concentrator or an advanced wastewater treatment system, providing returns on investment in as little as 1-3 years.


Our state-of-the-art AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System has been developed to utilize excess heat to optimize your operational efficiency and minimize costs.
Custom Technology
The AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System consists of advancing the existing Ljungstrom® Air Preheater with the latest technology, a small packaged spray dryer system, interconnecting ductwork and associated controls.
An Intelligent Solution
AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System is designed to make efficient use of energy throughout your operation, for maximum performance and minimum waste.

The Easy Way to Revolutionize
Your Plant

The complete AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System includes a storage tank, wastewater feed pumps and a control system. Some of this equipment may already be available within your operation so that the AdvX Zero Liquid Discharge System can be installed into your existing setup with minimal disruption.

LJUNGSTRÖM’s AdvX Zero Liquid
Discharge System

  • Pioneering technology and a complete solution for ZLD
  • Additional energy recovered without impacting boiler heat rate
  • Extra heat for improving boiler efficiency
  • A cost-effective way to optimize performance and reduce waste